A Healthy And Embodied Masculine Man

Your ability to be a HEALTHY and embodied masculine man will be dependent on how RESILIENT and TOUGH you are WILLING to be.

Let’s just speak to two expressions or components for healthy masculinity. Sure, there are many – presence, compassion, confidence, clarity, honesty, truth, openness, vulnerability, decisiveness, introspective, magnetic, robust, adaptability, expansive, singular and so much more.

But let’s discuss two that are vital to the honouring of our truth as healthy masculine embodied persons. Toughness and resilience. Simply defined toughness is our ability to move through challenge, fear and pain. Resilience is our ability t recover from these events.

Both require focus, diligence, self-belief, an ability to be alone, an ability to lean on others and single mindedness. Toughness and resilience is what allows us to expand in to greater versions of ourselves.

Pain and challenge for the most of us and for much of our lives will be a ‘normal’ part of our existence. Our ability to quickly move THROUGH these aspects of our lives determine the quality of the lives we live, the depth of our relationships and how we ultimately feel about ourselves.

Our self-worth and the way we SEE ourselves as men can be put down to how WILLING we are to traverse the at times drudgery of life. The more willing we are to persevere and continue, to not lay down and succumb to the pressure and to choose growth over weakness means we build the muscle of TRUST.

The more experience we have of overcoming suffering, the more confidence we build within ourselves. We then move through the world less hurt and don’t carry such a need to project our pains because as men we realise that we are self-reliant.

All of these virtues are interconnected and relate to each other. When we choose to practice resilience and stand in our strength we are setting ourselves up for success in all areas and expression of life. Begin with physical strength. Practice flexing this muscle. It is tangible and visceral.

We can relate to it with great efficacy and it lays a foundation for relating to pain in a healthy and more conscious way, whilst helping us dealing with emotional discomfort and spiritual angst with greater efficacy. Move and physically challenge the body with deliberate intention, so that you can experience the five stages of evolution through pain and become more comfortable with pain and challenge through methodical exposure.

1 – Acknowledge the pain
2 – Face the pain
3 – Overcome the pain 
4 – Recover from the pain 
5 – Grow from the pain

You are ready to be the best version of yourself. Do not be afraid of pain. It is one of many pathways to greater growth and yes you can…

One is always glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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