9 Signs You Have A True Soul Connection With Your Beloved

What is a soul? What is true connection? What does it mean to be beautifully bonded in partnership with your beloved? It means we are more than our bodies, but deeply connected to our bodies; it means we understand each other, are patient and care for the wellbeing of each other; and it means that we are not polarised in our view of the relationship or the other.

We must first attain and/or embody this sacred union and wholeness within ourselves first and then we may recognise it in another. Lets us immerse in to the 9 signs you have a true soul connection with your beloved.

 1. You Respect Each Other On Every Level

Soul connections can at times be viewed as something arbitrary, but if we examine deeper, we are able to observe quite a unique connection, one that has never been felt before, nor can it be explained.

There is such a deep love that transpires between two beloved’s that we cannot help but express and feel profound reverence and respect for the path of the other. You revere their journey and you are both committed to the growth of each other. The questions you are both asking in this form of evolved relationship are:

  1. Am I growing in this relationship?
  2. Am I contributing to the growth of my beloved in this relationship?
  • Are we contributing to the growth and expansion of humanity and Earth?

When we revere each other deeply in this way, it becomes not about the relationship but rather about our journeys. This is an evolved and empowering relationship where you experience true soul connection with your beloved.

 2. You Communicate From A Place Of Deep Endearment

When you become highly attentive to your communication style and you only communicate from a place of love, heart, higher cognition and compassion you are connected at a soul level. In this space you realise that the only way to communicate and connect is from a place of love.

This does not mean you do not disagree, it is more how rather than what. Disagreeing is growth – challenge is growth but it is how we treat each other through difficulty, triggered, pains and fears, and challenge that define our soul connection and level of emotional and spiritual maturity.

 3. Your Level Of Intuition Is High With Each Other

The level of ‘knowing’ that transpires at this level is profound. You know what each other are thinking and your souls and hearts speak to each other regularly. You may even fins that you are visiting each other in your dreams – in the astral plane. Yes, you finish each other’s thoughts and sentences. You may even feel and sense your beloved when they are in close environmental proximity but not in sight. You also appreciate, recognise and humble to this type of connection, for it begins to define and evolve the quality of your relationship.

 4. Your Love-Making Is Profoundly Deep

You are bale to lose yourself in each other’s physical presence through love making. The act of consummating through sexual intimacy takes you to a transcendent place. Language, the spoken word and cognitive intellect are not a priority here. What is a priority is your ability to connect intimately and be present. Tantric Practice in some shape may also assist here. The specific practices of sublimation and breathing techniques to move energy in order to connect deeper may also be of service here in order to evolve one’s connection deeper and further.

 5. You Are Able to Be Physically Apart & Together

This is a sign your relationship is deeply connected and evolved. You feel safe and connected in your relationship that you are comfortable in being apart just as you are being in each other’s physical presence. This becomes quite profound for you are able to acknowledge the value in all circumstances. Extract this value and then apply to the manner in which you connect and communicate with each other and with yourself. In fact when it comes to being apart you are so robust in your ability to maintain connected that you relationship deepens and broadens from this regular practice.

 6. You See Beyond Just The Physical

Here, you naturally prioritise more than just the physical vessel. You are able to see in to the soul, heart and mind of your lover, beloved and partner. Perhaps you are a Sapiosexual, where you prioritise the intelligence of another or perhaps you are deeply empathetic and you connect to the heart essence of your beloved. The point is that you are attracted to more than just the physical being. You are able to connect profoundly to all facets of the individual. This becomes enlightening, for diversity here broadens the parameters and conditions for connection. In fact, you become limitless and bound-fully soulful in your conscious relating.

 7. You Are Here For The Long-Haul

You know that the longer you are together, the deeper the teaching’s and exchange of wisdom, growth and expansion experienced. This becomes powerful for your life’s journey and the manner in which you both choose to intertwine in togetherness. Pending your values align and you continue to work through your emotional triggers, past traumas, shadows and challenges your connection will deepen profoundly and exquisitely and you will enter the third stage of love with great power and presence.

 8. You Feel You Have ‘Known’ Each Other For Lifetimes

Your dialogue with your partner around this is effortless. The feeling is unshakeable, unbreakable and basically undeniable. You just know you have been together before. There is deep such resonance. You finish each other’s thoughts; you know what the other is feeling. Your intuition is high when you are with your partner and you feel deeply their wounds. Perhaps you may even feel deeply triggered and you know that it is more than just present life history. If you can move through the depth of this space you just may connect in a way like never before.

 9. You Believe Fully In Your Beloved

You believe in their power, their truth, their values, what they stand for, where they have come from, where they are going and how they live their life. You have deep trust for their choices. You are open to their path, you are open to their beliefs. You believe in connection, open communication and you are both able to be present to what you both desire and need. There is an innate knowing that you will support each other unquestionably. Reverence runs deep and values will not be compromised for you both are committed deeply to each other’s growth.

Final Thoughts & Feelings

The reality is that soul connections require effort, attention, patience, love, persistence and compassion to mention a few. If we place the effort, we shall receive the gifts of insights and depth and richness in relating in such an open and connected manner.

One is always glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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