4 Empowering Ways To Be Creative In Business & In Life

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Albert Einstein.


The Power Of Creativity

Creativity is something that many of us in modern society do not value as a legitimate trait contributing to the psycho-social, spiritual and psycho-emotional development of the self. Expressive creativity is one of the greatest qualities leading to further development of the entirety of self that any of us can be bestowed with and blessed with, yet many never allow their true creativity to be expressed. Why is this so?

Our society generally does not value expressive creativity and from a mainstream collective value set or expression it doesn’t even encourage it. Why? There are various reasons; society prioritises more masculine expressions of life such as material pursuits, clear defined logic and goals, rationale, systematic thinking and analysis and order, to mention a few.

Creativity falls under the expression of the feminine and is not appreciated, revered, realised and respected for its true purpose, power and wonder. Masculine and feminine expressions of the human self (at a simplified and reduced level) are simply expressions of the whole of who we are. We use ‘segregating’ language to simplify our connection and understanding of ourselves.

One has no greater value over the other per se, but when working in harmonious balance our expression is accurate, deeply empowering, harnessed, flowing and present.


 Collective Creativity

Additionally, society has a tendency to obey powerful collective trends and from a young age externalised values are imposed upon us that are not aligned with valuing expressions such as creativity.

But what we are discovering is that creativity is holding greater value in our society especially in conscious and sustainable business practices. We are discovering that the promotion of leveraging creativity in group and individualised settings is adding substantial and measurable value to an organisation.


 What Is Creativity?

Creativity is the uninhibited use of our imagination or our ‘original’ ideas to create something wondrous, unique to self – a form of innovation and inventiveness. I take this further and I state that expressing our most inspired states of being, in whichever way aligns with us. Immersive creativity is an authentic, socially contributive, known and aligned expression of self.

A clear expression of our internalised world, our ideologies, our innovations, our contributions, our values, our purpose, our visions for self and humanity clearly communicated in an accurate way to the outside world in a manner that is ours – devoid of fear but rather embraces a notion of courageous prowess.

Combine this with cohesive, well adjusted team that share the same global vision and you have a very powerful and productive organisation.

We often think about creativity as making or building something (an idea, an inanimate object, a piece or form of art), whilst this may be accurate, there is something deeper at play – the root meaning of the word creativity means ‘to grow’. 

When we are creative we feel as if the world and all that is in it is vibrantly alive with our essence, we feel deeply and intimately connected to this source of power. By-products of creativity are some of the major achievements of civilisation.

We are fundamentally born creative – from infancy on we find innovative ways to negotiate, move through and understand life. The most creative people engage in a growth mindset that views challenges as opportunities to further develop, increase capacity and explore our infinite potentiality for being and living.

Creativity expands our perceptions, perspectives, problem solving capabilities and vantage points. We develop deeper insight in to life, which in turn values adds to our lives and the lives of others.


Collective Creativity

Today, creativity is a key driver in our global socioeconomic models. However, in the majority of national education curriculums, creativity is perceived as secondary to many other subjects and its expression is not valued for its potential to teach our children in such a way that can profoundly impact their lives.

Unfortunately this means that students leave school without knowing how to create and innovate and consequently they are left underprepared for the real world challenges that our highly integrated and connected society faces.

In today’s world of complexity, fast-paced maturity of self and the collective, deepened intrinsic and extrinsic awareness – creative intelligence and the need to express innovative capacity are fast becoming requirements for personal and interconnected collective success.

A leading thinker on creativity, Kenneth Robinson, has declared: “Creativity is as important in education as literacy is and that we should approach creativity with the same status. Furthermore, creativity is basic to making our society viable because without it we would lose our competitive edge”.

Indeed, when looking at our culture and development it’s evident that every facet of our existence depends to an increasing extent on our ability to utilise each other’s creative intelligence. In fact, our challenge is to foster the creative intelligence, not only for the creative elite (great minds and social contributors of history), but to spread this ability throughout our society. It begins with advocating of creative expression from a young age.


Why Is Creativity So Important?

We live in a world that is constantly becoming innovated with new concepts, ideas and technologies. We are developing as a society at a fast pace. The world does not need cloned versions of each other, but rather a unique and individualised expressive perspective – functioning in complimentary symbiosis with each other.

Applying our minds in a way that aligns with our expressive and creative truth is what the world needs right here and right now. It also fast tracks our individualised evolution of self.

Having the creativity to help innovate something that has never been created before – anything from an innovation that contributes to the welfare and wellbeing of society and earth, to a revolutionary idea or a piece of art.

It is all based on where you allow your mind to take you – are you going to choose to live your truth, according to your values, in your way? But so many never of us never allow ourselves to venture beyond our confined norms, beyond our restricted and constricted fears. In order for our collective groups and our minds to flourish we must be attuned to our creative dexterity.


A Path To Creativity – 4 Empowering Ways To Boost Your Creative Nature

Below are some of the most creative ways that executives, business people and highly inspired individuals within companies choose to express and enhance their creativity.


1) Connect To The Unfamiliar

Research demonstrates that we are deeply creative when we are immersed in an unfamiliar environment. Some studies have demonstrated that spending time connected to nature (which is an unusual experience for so many) led to a 50% increase in creativity.

Further, being observant, paying careful attention to the wholeness of life, the fullness of life and how the intricacies of our environment can provide us with creative insights in to our work, projects and mission. Being infinitely and deeply inquisitive about the how, why, what of things allows us to expand our knowledge and thinking capacities.

Placing ourselves in unfamiliar environments almost forces us to think differently about that situation, life or project. Unfamiliar surroundings allow us to view the world from a differing vantage point.


2) Create Space

Creativity requires space. This may explain why meditation has been shown to increase creativity as well. When we create space within ourselves, we allow an greater opportunity for information to be presented to us. We are removed further from overwhelm and are deeper connected to our potential to learn. There is literally room for growth.

Taking walks has also been shown to increase creativity, because walking frees your mind up to daydream, visualise and just be more present with yourself and your inspired priorities. This further places our brain’ attentive neural circuitry in active problem-solving mode.

What we can do to allow our brains to ‘work’ in the background is helpful to our creative release. It is setting an intention of creating space that allows our creativity to flourish.


3) Embody Difficulty & Constraint

Research has demonstrated that creativity activates both a part of the brain that is associated with fantasising and dream states and a part of the brain that is associated with ‘administrative control’.

The day-dreaming is free flowing and fluid thought uninhibited and the ‘administrative control’ allows us to direct that creative thought and insight in to something tangible and of value in the market place.

This path is one of adaptation and is an almost stoic approach to business problem solving. One states that if we must be challenged then how can we grow, what can we learn and how can we maximise our outcomes? If we choose to align our company goals and our organisational mission under circumstances that may appear to hinder and restrict us, we discover that we are forced to think laterally and openly.

This becomes powerful with respect to the amount of creative power we can unleash, the issues we can solve and the grand contribution we can make.

The constraints should be part of the creative process itself, not an arbitrary limitation. Step out of your comfort zone, give yourself room to think, learn about things beyond your niche, and identify useful constraints — all in the course of a normal workday.


4) Moon-Shot Thinking

When we expand our ability to think beyond our perceived limitations we have a greater capacity to express authentic creativity. Moon-shot thinking is about dreaming BIG, thinking BIG and knowing we can do more with life. But we must establish a foundation of belief.

Setting objectives and goals that are beyond our perceived abilities to make an impact in society and in business allow us to expand our scope of what is possible. Combine this form of open thinking with space and even isolation and you have a powerful combination of creative prowess.

Further, when we combine moon-shot thinking with a socially conscious and deeply collective vision for Earth and humanity we integrate sustainability in our business models and it is this combined approach that shifts and propels humanity forward. It allows business to be sincere, strategic, well placed for success and survive a highly competitive environment.


Final Thoughts

Creative unlocks our highest potential. Creativity allows us to actualise what we know we can be in full. Prioritising our creativity liberates our internal capacity to express the grandest version of self. Apply the four principles above and observe yourself flourish infinitely.


One is always glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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